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Raeljansko Društvo

The Message Given by Extra-Terrestrials

As a young race car driver, Raël's only goal was to conquer Formula One. By the age of 27, he was already the founder of one of France's leading motor sport magazines. However, on December 13th in 1973, his life was turned upside down. In the crater of a volcano located near Clermont-Ferrand in France, he saw a UFO, seven meters in diameter, made of a very shiny silver metal, and moving in total silence. A radiant being emerged and entrusted Raël with a Message revealing the true origins of mankind. All life on Earth, including human beings, was originally created and designed scientifically in laboratories by the Elohim, an advanced people from space, using their perfect mastery of genetic engineering and DNA synthesis. Traces of their work can be found in all the ancient sacred texts of the world, including the Bible, which is the oldest atheist scripture in the world, since the word "Elohim," which appears in the original Hebrew and was mistranslated as "God," actually is a plural, meaning "those who come from the sky." The Elohim entrusted Raël with the mission of propagating this revolutionary revelation and building an Embassy where they will officially return very soon, along with the Great Prophets of Old, sent by the Elohim in ancient times, such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and Mohammed, who are still alive on their planet, thanks to an evolved technique of cloning, the secret of eternal life through scientific resurrection. The values conveyed by traditional religions no longer correspond to present-day life, and yet humans have a fundamental need for spirituality. The Raëlian Movement answers this need through values which are perfectly in tune with the 21st century; accepting divorce, contraception, abortion, assisted suicide for the terminally ill, acceptance of personal sexuality and relationship choices, and marriages for male and female priests. Like Buddhism, the Raëlian Movementis an atheist religion. It has 55,000 members, spread throughout 84 countries, who have found happiness and profound insight through the science-based spirituality brought about by this new philosophy. This book can change your life .. This is the same book as The True Face of God and The Final Message as published by other publishers.
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